Tanzania Chinese learning Student expressed his experience about China

The theme of this report is ‘China in My Eyes’. In this report I did my best level to describe my multiple dimension experience in China including what I saw, heard, learnt and felt of China’s traditional culture, philosophy, scenery, social customs, modern elements, and the inspiration and benefit I got from the trip to China.

I started learning Chinese language and culture when I was in the last year (2016) of my degree studies at University of Dar es Salaam, people were shocked to see me learning Chinese language and they asked “what motivated you to learn Chinese language?”, this was my answer and it will remain to be my answer forever, “I was motivated to learn Chinese language because Chinese language is the most useful language by today’s global marketplace and China is the 2nd largest economic country in the World. China has the fast growing economy, technological advancement and the global ranking education institutes”, so I believed that learning Chinese language in this competitive era is inevitable. Being a student of Chinese language was an advantage to my life and it was like a dream comes true because I was selected to be one of the twenty members of the Chinese summer campers 2017 to visit China for twenty days from 31st July to 20th August.