On January 5th 9:45 a.m. St. Augustine University, affiliated Chinese language center of the CIUDSM, held a handwriting competition successfully.

At the beginning, teacher Zhu told the student some directions, and then gave them paper to try. During the course, every student wrote carefully. After 40 minutes, teachers collected their works, and they decided the winners. During this period of time, students watched a video about China.

The students wrote carefully

After some times, teachers announced the result for students. Level one, level two and level three students got certificate and prize. Some students didn’t get prize, but teachers also prepared lucky prize for them. Every student had lucky number, when teacher said a number, student who had that number, he/she got lucky price.

In the end, teachers took photos with students.

Miss Zhu presented certificates and prizes

Group photo of award-winning students

Group photo of lucky students

Group photo


Edited by Zhang