On January 5th 9:45 a.m. St. Augustine University, affiliated Chinese language center of the CIUDSM, held a handwriting competition successfully. At the beginning, teacher Zhu told the student some directions, and then gave them paper to try. During the course, every student wrote carefully. After 40 minutes, teachers collected their works, and they decided the winners. During this period of time, students watched a video about China. The students wrote carefully After some times, teachers announced the result for students. Level one, level two and level three students got certificate and prize. Some students didn’t get prize, but teachers also prepared lucky prize for them. Every student had lucky number, when teacher said a number, student who had that number, Read More …

My Impression of China: Hand-written Newspaper Competition

On December 21st, My Impression of China Handwritten Newspaper Exhibition of the MKWAWA University College of Education at the Confucius Institution of Dar es Salaam University was held in the school library and auditorium. Students actively submitted their works and participated in the competition. Through this competition, students could learn about China from more aspects and were encouraged to learn Chinese culture and visit China. I looked forward that one day they will portray their experiences in China as a true Chinese impression and share it with more people.

Confucius Institute to Establish Diploma Course in Chinese Language

As the Chinese language lessons are becoming increasingly popular in the Northern Zone, the Confucius Institute at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) has announced to introduce ordinary Diploma Course in Chinese language this year aimed at preparing local Chinese language teachers. While in Northern Zone the demand of learning the language is for diverse parties seeking to tap tourist, business and cultural opportunities, while the Confucius Institute at the University of Dar es Salaam is aimed at preparing local Chinese language teachers.

Learning Chinese Language Lets Us Understand China Better

Learning Chinese language has become a trend in Tanzania in recent years. The picture shows a Tanzanian Chinese language teacher giving guidance to students on learning Chinese language at the Confucius Institute at the University of Dar es Salaam Core Reading The Confucius Institute at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania recently held the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) at four test centers including the University of Dar es Salaam and Mbeya University of Science and Technology with a total of 303 candidates taking tests of the first to fifth levels. According to statistics, in the first half of 2018, the number of candidates taking the HSK in Tanzania reached 976, which is close to the total number of Read More …