Confucius Institute at UDSM (CI-UDSM) was established in 2013 under the Agreement between UDSM and Confucius Institute Headquarters.

CI-UDSM offers Chinese language course at different levels, the courses are taught by expert teachers from China.

From 2018/2019 academic year, Confucius Institute offers BACHELOR OF ARTS WITH EDUCATION (CHINESE AND ENGLISH) and a DIPLOMA IN CHINESE.


Outstanding benefits
Chinese Learning Students get chances to visit China for three weeks under Summer Camp Program, the tour take place every year during summer period.

Every year up to 10 Chinese Learning Students are awarded Confucius Institute Scholarships. Fully funded to learn Chinese Language at Chinese universities.

Students get high possibility of winning other scholarships to China e.g. Chinese Government Scholarships, Chinese Province Scholarships etc.

Every Year Chinese Learning students get chances to participate different competitions like Chinese Bridge, Chinese Calligraphy Competition, Chinese Song Competition, and the winners are awarded handsomely.

Participation in the various exciting Chinese festivals.

Other Benefits
1. Improve your resume (CV)
2. Enhance your career opportunities (Greater chance of getting hired)
3. Option to work abroad ( either to work for an international company or to work for the Tanzanian Government in China)
4. Have more opportunities to travel for business opportunities
5. Developing a global attitude
6. Improve listening skills
7. Improve geography
8. Friends making
9. and other academic benefits


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Diploma in Chinese

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